Who We Are?

Company founded in 2017 by our Chairperson  Raheem BakshKatiyar, he and our team pride ourselves on producing, distributing and exporting only the highest quality Himalayan Pink salts in the world/in markets since 2010 and offering a superior level Himalayan Salt Export service in other countries like Canada, Colombia, Australia, Turkey, China, Kenya, India, UAE.

According to numerous health studies, Himalayan Pink salt have more nutritional value than traditional table salt. We discovered this fact during our quest for better health. During our research to different regions and their health queries, we were provide with a large sample of local pink Himalayan salt. This salt harvested by hand and was not chemically treated.

This was so impressive to us, that it led to our quest to share this treasure with others. The opportunity to market this quality Himalayan Rock salt presented itself shortly after. This led to our global travel in pursuit of sourcing additional locations of the best quality of pink salt on the planet. Many people are searching for ways to increase the nutritional value of their food while reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. RBK International’s salt exporter takes nutrition and health seriously. Our goal is to supply the world with eco-friendly natural Pink Himalayan salt.

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