RBK International Red Dry Dates​

Red Dry dates (chuaray) are remarkably rich in calories. It's an exceptional provenance of fiber and protein. Good in calcium and vitamin C. It is known as Chuaray in Pakistan and Indian regions. RBK International are the reliable source & processors of red dry dates from Sukkur and Khairpur Sindh Pakistan.
Red dry dates have numerous health benefits.

Benefits of Red Dry Dates

  • Red dry dates are calories rich, if you are on diet and losing weight, Red dry dates can cover all your body calories requirement. You can take these dates instead of your meal.
  • Red dry dates can boost your energy as it has high protein. It will surely prove beneficial for good stamina.
  • Red dry dates are high in fiber, it can prevent constipation and increase digestion activity.
  • It contains a vast amount of calcium and vitamin C, an intake will keep bones strong.
  • Red dry dates help in skin glowing and soothing.

How we can eat and drink dry dates and how its intake benefited the human body?

Benefits of Dry Dates with Milk at night:

Dry dates have to soak overnight. It will become soft then grind these dates in milk. Dry dates with milk contain uncountable glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Its nutritional productivity increases with milk. Dry Dates with milk will boost your energy and stamina. It can only be taken if your immune system is strong enough to digest its consistency.

Dry Dates soaked in water overnight:

Dates release natural cooling reactions and soothe the human body excluding increased immunity. Expert nutritionists recommend 4-6 soaked dates in water, it will encourage immunity.

Benefits of Dry Dates Juice

Drinking dry dates juice daily will benefit in the following ways:

    1. Glow your skin naturally
    2. Strengthen your hairs growth
    3. Prevent from cancer disease
    4. Strengthens bones and teeth
    5. Helps in losing weight
Red Dry dates RBK International Pakistan